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  • To expand enrollment in an existing CTE program or create a new CTE program
  • To improve Strong Workforce Metric(s)
Metrics Projections
Enrollments   161 162 164
Completions   0 0 0
Transfers   0 0 0
2nd Quarter Employment   74 75 76
4th Quarter Employment   78 79 80
Employed in Field of Study   0 0 0
2nd Quarter Earnings   7557 7632 7709
Median Change in Earnings   0 0 0
Proportion Making Living Wage   0 0 0

These Strong Workforce funds will be used to create a lecture/lab classroom space. The addition of the classroom inside the building lab area will greatly improve the quality of instruction and the learning environment resulting in increased success rates for both Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) and Automotive Technology students. This classroom addition will also allow the simultaneous running of separate class and lab activities which can result in increased enrollments.

The Chaffey’s AMT program has been successful for many years, but the correlation of the FAA student instructor ratio of 25 to 1 and Chaffey’s class size minimum has been hard to maintain. Presently, in order to maintain required ratios, we can only allow 18 new students into the program each semester. The addition of a full-time lab assistant will allow us to take the maximum number of students into the beginning-level General AMT courses and promote more students to the Airframe and Powerplant certificate pathways. With the additional lab assistant the total AMT student population will increase up to 100 from the current 75.

CTE Assistant Dean, Administrative Assistant II, Research Analyst, and CTE Counselor(s):
This team consisting of a CTE Assistant Dean, an Administrative Assistant II, Research Analyst, and CTE Counselor(s) will aid our CTE programs by offering support and leadership in developing more and better CTE education.
These team members will provide support to increase efficiency of CTE programs and be involved with the tasks of developing, enhancing, retooling, and expanding quality CTE offerings that build upon the District’s capacity to ensure regional alignment of program and curricula.


CTE Program Budget Detail Sheet

1000 Instructional Salaries $22,129
2000 Non-Instructional Salaries $134,501
3000 Employee Benefits $74,303
4000 Supplies and Materials $786
5000 Other Operating Expenses and Services $1,714
6000 Capital Outlay $40,157
7000 Other Outgo $0
  Total Direct Costs $273,590
  Total Indirect Costs $10,944
  Total Program Costs $284,534
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Joy Haerens

Dean, School of Business and App