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TOP 6 | Alternative Fuels and Advanced Transportation Technology (094840) Download LMI Worksheet

  • To expand enrollment in an existing CTE program or create a new CTE program
Metrics Projections
Enrollments   1257 1294 1333
2nd Quarter Employment  
4th Quarter Employment  
Employed in Field of Study  
2nd Quarter Earnings  
Median Change in Earnings  
Proportion Making Living Wage  

Local programs currently do not have capabilities for EV and hybrid vehicle maintenance. A new program will fill the current and future needs to bring it in line with the state emission control regulations for clean transportation issues. A significant increase in automotive students entering, graduating and eventually obtaining employment for EV and hybrid vehicle maintenance is anticipated.


CTE Program Budget Detail Sheet

1000 Instructional Salaries $30,000
2000 Non-Instructional Salaries $0
3000 Employee Benefits $16,555
4000 Supplies and Materials $0
5000 Other Operating Expenses and Services $20,279
6000 Capital Outlay $66,390
7000 Other Outgo $0
  Total Direct Costs $133,224
  Total Indirect Costs $5,329
  Total Program Costs $138,553
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