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TOP 6 | Welding Technology (095650) Download LMI Worksheet

  • To expand enrollment in an existing CTE program or create a new CTE program
  • To improve Strong Workforce Metric(s)
Metrics Projections
Enrollments   517 530 550
Completions   6 10 12
Transfers   1 1 1
2nd Quarter Employment   60 65 65
4th Quarter Employment   60 60 60
Employed in Field of Study   50 50 50
2nd Quarter Earnings   4400 7070 7070
Median Change in Earnings   60 65 65
Proportion Making Living Wage   55 55 55

Las Positas College will expand its Welding program offerings through equipment/supplies procurement and curriculum development (Applied Mathematics for Welding). The equipment procured will increase opportunity for the college to schedule more sections as increased lab space will be made available. The curriculum developed (Applied Mathematics for Welding) will increase student success as the math will be contextualized for optimal student learning. A Mathematics faculty member will be provided release time to develop the math curriculum; and, the Welding faculty will procure necessary equipment, supplies and materials. The Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research (COE) projects 257 annual job openings for Welders between 2014-2017. The COE reports an average annual total of 60 completers for Welders from 2011-2015. The data yields an under supply of 197 for the occupation. (Source: Data compiled by and used with the permission of the Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research; The welding discipline focused projects will meet all WIOA metrics.


CTE Program Budget Detail Sheet

1000 Instructional Salaries $15,000
2000 Non-Instructional Salaries $0
3000 Employee Benefits $2,500
4000 Supplies and Materials $5,000
5000 Other Operating Expenses and Services $0
6000 Capital Outlay $60,612
7000 Other Outgo $0
  Total Direct Costs $83,112
  Total Indirect Costs $3,324
  Total Program Costs $86,436
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