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TOP 6 | Engineering Technology, General (092400) Download LMI Worksheet

  • To expand enrollment in an existing CTE program or create a new CTE program
  • To improve Strong Workforce Metric(s)
Metrics Projections
Enrollments   1100 1125 1150
Completions   53 60 70
Transfers   0 0 0
2nd Quarter Employment  
4th Quarter Employment  
Employed in Field of Study  
2nd Quarter Earnings  
Median Change in Earnings  
Proportion Making Living Wage  

This project involves recruiting and hiring a Science Lab Instructional Assistant (SLIA) for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs. The SLIA will serve to facilitate, implement, and improve quality instructional activities for a variety of CTE STEM courses and programs. The SLIA will assist in lab prep and operations, care for lab equipment and experiments, and maintenance of tools, equipment, and Maker Space and Copmuter lab facilities. The SLIA will also provide in-class lab support, set up and maintenance. CTE STEM instructors have recently been working on new and revised programs and facilities and "raising the bar" in terms of academic rigor, career alignment, and job-skills training and work-based learning activities. These activities, which are directly linked to student success and Strong Workforce Program (SWP) metrics, have resulted in even greater need for lab support.
The CTE STEM SLIA will directly serve students in the following programs: Architecture and Construction, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Geospatial Technology, 3-D Animation, Mechatronics and Industrial Maintenance, Water-Wastewater Technology, Solar PV and other Engineering and Applied Technology related courses.


CTE Program Budget Detail Sheet

1000 Instructional Salaries $0
2000 Non-Instructional Salaries $90,415
3000 Employee Benefits $0
4000 Supplies and Materials $0
5000 Other Operating Expenses and Services $0
6000 Capital Outlay $0
7000 Other Outgo $0
  Total Direct Costs $90,415
  Total Indirect Costs $0
  Total Program Costs $90,415
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