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  • To expand enrollment in an existing CTE program or create a new CTE program
  • To improve Strong Workforce Metric(s)
Metrics Projections
Enrollments   563 590 620
Completions   55 65 75
2nd Quarter Employment  
4th Quarter Employment  
Employed in Field of Study  
2nd Quarter Earnings  
Median Change in Earnings  
Proportion Making Living Wage  

Antelope Valley College needs to remodel and expand the Aircraft Fabrication (AFAB) program training labs at the main campus to improve training services while also support student enrollment growth and completion rates. Facility improvements will help our college keep up with industry employment demands. Industry partners, Northrup Grumman in specific, have made significant donations of lab equipment (fuselage), tools and materials to AFAB labs which require significant facility modifications to be able to house these additional training resources. AVC’s AFAB is significantly challenged keep up with the increasing demands by local aerospace industries (specifically Northrop Grumman) for entry–level structural and composite technicians. Northrop Grumman needs to employ at least 1000 AFAB students by December 2017, with a project 3000 to 5000 more in the next 3 to five years, and the current number lab facilities limits the program’s ability to meet these increased industry demands. In addition, other aerospace companies such as, The Spaceship Company and Space X are also hiring students from the program and have projected numbers as well. In order to meet the demands of local industry more and better AFAB labs are needed. Along with the improvements made to main campus facilities and new satellite location at the Palmdale Airport Terminal needs also renovation as a secondary structure’s lab for the AFAB program which will house several other AFAB courses in addition to classes offered in our main campus. The improved main campus labs as well as the additional facilities at the Palmdale location will provide greater access to all Antelope Valley residents and will strengthen college partnership with the local community.


CTE Program Budget Detail Sheet

1000 Instructional Salaries $0
2000 Non-Instructional Salaries $0
3000 Employee Benefits $0
4000 Supplies and Materials $0
5000 Other Operating Expenses and Services $0
6000 Capital Outlay $120,813
7000 Other Outgo $0
  Total Direct Costs $120,813
  Total Indirect Costs $4,833
  Total Program Costs $125,646
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Dr. Bonnie C. Suderman

Asst. Superintendent/Vice Presid